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Our Story

South Haven, situated on the shores of Lake Michigan between Holland and Benton Harbor is renowned for its blueberries and tourists.

It is a lesser-known fact that South Haven is also where they make one of the finest eating ice creams around – Sherman’s. Grandpa Sherman started the business back in 1916. He had a small herd of dairy cattle and delivered milk with a horse drawn wagon from house to house around South Haven.

The business flourished through the years as Grandpa Sherman passed the business on to his son Rupert, who in turn passed it on to his boys. One of the boys, Port, always had it in his mind to make something good tasting that would make people happy – ice cream. So in the 50’s he started fiddling and fussing with an old ice cream batch freezer, trying to make the best ice cream around.

Port wanted an old-fashioned ice cream – not one too light or too greasy. He loaded it up with natural flavorings – no need to cheapen the product by using artificial flavors. After he got it just the way he wanted it, Port started selling it, first house to house, then to ice cream stores and finally grocery stores.

Meanwhile, Port bought out his brothers and stopped bottling milk stating confidently, “We’ll just make good ice cream.”

What Makes Sherman’s So Special?

Simply stated, Sherman’s tastes terrific and is still affordable. Port Sherman found the niche by creating an ice cream richer and heavier than most standard ice creams, but not too much like the expensive heavy bodied super premiums. Our ice cream is so good and creamy that people usually want that second scoop.

Sherman’s is made the old fashioned way – many flavors, still one batch at a time. The ice cream is loaded with flavorings – big strawberries in the Strawberry lots of pecans in the Butter Pecan, hunks of fudge in the Mackinac Island Fudge. Whenever possible, the products are naturally flavored. The quality of the nuts, candies, fruits and fudges that flavor our ice cream is always first consideration.

Finally, Sherman’s tries to create many unique flavors, for example: Chocomania, Grasshopper, French Silk, and Cappuccino to name just a few.

We happily serve ice cream shops and restaurants with our ice cream.

For our health and diet conscious customers, we offer Dairy Free and No Sugar Added flavor options.

We do our best to have the products people enjoy and to put smiles on their faces.

Stop by today and experience our ice cream for yourself!

Sherman Ice Cream Blue Moo Cow